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SearxNG using an external NGINX container through net-searxng external network.

You can use certginx to manage NGINX.

Docker Configuration

Create the external network

docker network create net-searxng

Filtron Configuration

Import the rules from searxng

curl > rules.json

SearxNG Configuration

Update the .env file.

Replace key in .env

sed -i "s|ReplaceWithARealKey|$(openssl rand -base64 33)|g" .env

Generate settings.yml

docker-compose up -d && docker-compose down

NGINX Configuration

Replace the template domain with your real domain (Change my_domain.example with your real domain name)

sed -i "s/change_me.example/my_domain.example/g" nginx.conf

If your are using certginx, move nginx.conf to your certginx instance in ./nginx/conf.d/<your-domain>.conf