Mon petit dwm
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the ultimate dynamic window manager aka the final boss


This script can be used to:

  • Load the configuration
  • Merge the patches
  • Build the configuration
  • Install the configuration on the system
  • Apply patches on top of another

Command line option:

  • --load

    Load every patch as a branch in the DWM directory/repository.

  • --merge

    Merge every branch into the custom branch.

  • --build

    Build DWM.

  • --install

    Clean the DWM directory/repository, load the configuration, merge it, build it and installs DWM on the system.

  • --abort

    Execute git merge --abort in case you want to speed up the process.

  • --clean

    Cleans the DWM directory/repository.

Thanks to Mageas for his suckscripts which were the base of this script.