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This is the docker for my matrix_piped_feed project.

Configuration of matrix_piped_feed

Copy config_example.json form the matrix_piped_feed project as config.json in your directory.

Update config.json with your informations (for more informations about the config.json here).

Configuration of docker-compose

Create a docker-compose.yml file in your directory.

Content of docker-compose.yml:

version: '3.5'
      - ./config.json:/app/config.json
      - database:/app/db
      - UID=1000
      - GID=1000
      - MATRIX_PIPED_FEED__DATABASE=/app/db/database.db3


Explanations of docker-compose:

  • ./config.json:/app/config.json sync your config with the container
  • database:/app/sled_db save your database with the host
  • UID=1000 change the container user id
  • GID=1000 change the container group id
  • MATRIX_PIPED_FEED__DATABASE=/app/db/database.db3 change de database directory to map it with the host

Check matrix_piped_feed to change the path of the config.json and database.db3.

Run the container

docker-compose up -d