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# **matrix_piped_feed**
Get your [piped]( notifications on matrix!
### **Configuration**
Copy `config_example.json` to `config.json`.
- user: *Matrix account user*
- password: *Matrix account password*
- homeserver: *Matrix account homeserver*
- room: *Id of the matrix room*
- feed: *Piped feed url*
**fetch_between**: (Optional, if not set it will fetch 24/7)
- start: *When the fetching starts (in 24 hours)*
- end: *When the fetching ends (in 24 hours)*
- Time between fetches (in seconds)
By default, the `config.json` and `database.db3` needs to be in the directory where you execute the binaries.
### **Environment variables**
`MATRIX_PIPED_FEED__CONFIG`: change the config path
`MATRIX_PIPED_FEED__DATABASE`: change the database path
### **Build the project**
Clone the repository:
git clone
Once in the cloned directory, build the project for release:
cargo build --release
The binary is located in `./target/release/matrix_piped_feed`
### **Self-host**
I suggest you to use the [docker version](