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Get your piped notifications on matrix!


Copy config_example.json to config.json.


  • user: Matrix account user
  • password: Matrix account password
  • homeserver: Matrix account homeserver


  • room: Id of the matrix room
  • feed: Piped feed url

fetch_between: (Optional, if not set it will fetch 24/7)

  • start: When the fetching starts (in 24 hours)
  • end: When the fetching ends (in 24 hours)


  • Time between fetches (in seconds)

By default, the config.json and database.db3 needs to be in the directory where you execute the binaries.

Environment variables

MATRIX_PIPED_FEED__CONFIG: change the config path MATRIX_PIPED_FEED__DATABASE: change the database path

Build the project

Clone the repository:

git clone

Once in the cloned directory, build the project for release:

cargo build --release

The binary is located in ./target/release/matrix_piped_feed


I suggest you to use the docker version.