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The original tutorial and files were created by catzy007. Please check out his work!


Install dependencies


Install the package.

paru -S opencl-amd


Enable the community-testing repo in /etc/pacman.conf.

Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Update the system.

pacman -Syu

Install the dependencies.

pacman -S rocm-opencl-runtime rocminfo


git clone https://gitea.heartnerds.org/Mageas/stable-diffusion-rocm.git

Building docker image

This will download and install the required packages.

docker compose build

Setting up launch parameter

Edit stablediff.env to add launch parameter such as --lowvram, --medvram.

Initial run

This will create two directory called stablediff-web and stablediff-models. After initial run, you will get message about missing Stable Diffusion ckpt model. Grab one and copy it to stablediff-models. in linux, you might need sudo to do this.

docker compose up

Subsequent run

Use the command below every time you want to run Stable Diffusion.

docker start -a stablediff-runner

Stopping Stable Diffusion

To stop Stable Diffusion press Ctrl + C and use the command below.

docker stop stablediff-runner