GoulagOs is my own archlinux distribution.
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GoulagOs is my own archlinux distribution.




All the suck scripts from my sysfiles


!! Use the install.sh script at your own risks, it might break your distribution !!

variable default value description
INSTALL_DIRECTORY ${HOME}/.goulagos install directory path
LOGS_FILE ${INSTALL_DIRECTORY}/logs log file path
DOTFILES https://github.com/Mageas/dotfiles dotfiles link
DOTFILES_DIRECTORY ${HOME}/.dots dotfiles directory path
SYSFILES https://github.com/Mageas/sysfiles sysfiles link
SYSFILES_DIRECTORY /opt/sysfiles sysfiles directory path
SUCKLESS_BASE_LINK https://github.com/Mageas base link for suckless

The softwares I use

All the packages I use are located in config and scripts.